As the kitten headed down the road, she saw many different things. People riding on bikes, people in their cars, birds flying in the sky, other cats looking at her through the window, and up ahead, the Eaglehawk Library. There were two big cannons out the front, and Tegan thought they would shoot her. Luckily they aren’t loaded, thought Tegan. As she continued her journey, Tegan passed a bed and breakfast. A cat was looking at her through the window, looking very bored and tired. But something else was much more exciting. Tegan could see her family’s car, parked in front of the supermarket. She dashed down the footpath and, without thinking, jumped into the car through the window. She waited… and waited… and waited, until finally she heard a familiar voice.
‘How much was that, Dad?’ said the young girl.
The boot opened and Tegan could hear the food being put in the car. Then the doors opened and Tegan meowed in happiness.
‘What are you doing here?’ said the young girl.
Tegan tried to speak, but all that came out was meows.
Then the young boy said, ‘Come on Tegan, let’s go home.’
Written by Oscar Smith, based on my kitten, Tegan.

What am I?

Full of water, full of sweet, juicy messy treat to eat, dessert of summer picnic jewel ruby red and oh so cool.


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