Alice, Amelia and Jasmine went to Skip’s skateboard shop to interview Skip and James’ who works in the barber area. They asked them a few questions about skateboarding and others things. Then they asked James about his business in barbering.

Q&A with Skip

What inspired you to start skating?
– Nothing much to do. It just popped into his life.

How does it feel to have your own skateboard business?
– It feels amazing because it’s not just about skateboarding. It brings the community together.

Why did you start a skateboarding business?
– They needed it to buy skateboards in Victoria and a safe place for people to go and have fun.

Why do you love skating so much?
– It saved my life from a dark place.

What’s your favourite trick on the skate board and how long did it take you to learn it?
– Early grabs.

Q&A with James

When did he start barbering?
– 4 years ago.

Why did he start barbering?
– Because his wife is a hair dresser and they saw an opportunity to work together.

How long has he known Skip?
– Since April this year.

Does he skate?
– Yes.

What’s his favourite part about barbering?
– You meet new people and it never gets old.

What’s his favourite trick on the skateboard?
– Full cab disaster.

Has he ever competed in skate competition?
– Yes, but failed miserably.

Here is the price list for the services offered at the barbershop.
After they finished the questions they let us have a go on their skateboard ramp. It was a little scary at the start, but once we got going it was so much fun. After James and Skip assisted the girls with skating, they jumped on their boards and did a few gnarly tricks!


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