Eh Wah Paw, Tish Young and Amber Steele recently went along to the Eaglehawk Croquet Club to chat to the ladies playing pennant.

How many members are there in the club?
30+ with more welcome anytime

When did Eaglehawk community start the croquet club? 1909

What is croquet?
2 or 4 players on opposing teams there are12 hoops you go through one hoop twice. You start at the blue hoop & end at the red one

How long does a standard game go for?
35 – 40 minutes maybe longer but sometimes as short as 20 minutes

What is the most popular day to go play croquet?

Wednesday=club day Saturday=come and try day
What kinds of comps are played here each week?

Sheep Station Cup

What is the future for the club?
Getting big outside lights , expanding the building. Hope to open another building and encourage a lot of younger members

Jan (president) has been playing about 6 years, Barb is for 4 years and Alan has been here a long time maybe 10-12 years.

Our youngest member is late 40s. Oldest is mid 80s.
Fun facts!!

On social days other clubs can come and play

First 4 ‘come and try’ Saturdays/weeks are free

Flat soled shoes are required

The main game played is golf croquet

Seniors week activties will take place on Oct 13 from

There’s always a cuppa after a game!

There are different types of croquet games they are associatio-n, ricochet, gateball & golf croquet.  


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