The 3556 website was launched at the Empowering Eaglehawk AGM in August.

The 3556 website contains all you need for any 3556 fans. It includes information, reviews and interviews and information about events near you. It will also, soon, have online copies of all the past magazines,

Using the website you can check out things about Eaglehawk Secondary College by clicking that page. Plus our blog page has all our latest posts. Also find out about the things around you and in Eaglehawk by using the about Eaglehawk page.

The back story: It all started in December 2010 when a group of student along with a group of teachers, led by the great Dan Williams began a magazine to give Eaglehawk the good and happy news about their community around them and not that bad information that the news and newspapers feed you. This led Dan and his group of students gradually supplying content for 7 whole years’ worth of hard copy magazines.

In December 2017, Cecile Shanahan and Danielle Snowdon, who has since been replaced by Michael Watson, (whom you might have heard on Phoenix FM radio lately!) applied for and receieved a grant from FRRR to create a website. Plans began to create a community portal for all the good news relating to Eaglehawk.

The main ideas of the website:
(1) To showcase the best of the community with up to date or latest positive/good news stories about residents and businesses.
(2) To allow additional content which won’t fit into the physical copy of the magazine which you can view, like videos.
(3) To allow our young writers to have ‘real world’ writing experiences with ‘live’ stories being published. Advertisers can share their news.

Categories for articles and a clean layout for easy navigation.

Videos will enhance the site’s interactivity!


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