The Eaglehawk Regional Play Space is finally HERE!

The Grand Opening is Sept 16 at 11am – all welcome – and we are so excited to have been able to have a sneak peek walk through (and little play) before the crowds arrived! The City and community have worked tirelessly to get this project complete. There are so many highlights but some of our favourites were:

The 7m tower where you can see the bird’s eye view of the eagle-shaped play space
Rolling logs under the giant slide
Twirling Bikes
Accessible swings and carousels
The Mulga Bill poem quotes spread throughout the space
The beautiful sensory play areas in the Where Angels Play section underneath the colourful and pretty custom-built butterflies
All the timber that has been repurposed from Neanger Park and other City parks – like the giant sugar gum that can be climbed and then commando crawled off
Mulga Bill’s cabin.

Come along to the open day to see it for yourself!


The Eaglehawk Roundtable recently explored opportunities linked to the question – What can we do together to improve community outcomes? Roundtables are a really opportunity for community members to connect with councillors and for representatives of local groups in attendance to share information and learn from one another.

There have been upgrades to the toddler’s pool at the Peter Krenz Leisure Centre. Demolition of the old swimming club rooms is also complete and work is currently happening on outside landscaping. After this there will be installation of new windows, resurfacing around toddler’s pool, new fencing and painting. The City is working with YMCA to try to reduce disruption during this time.

Albert Roy baseball pavillion will get a makeover with a new kiosk, social rooms, change rooms and amenities. This will start in early 2019. Work has started on preparing the site.

The BMX track has been upgraded and construction will start later this month on the new kiosk.

Truscott Reserve dog park is being used a lot by the community.

Derwent Drive Long Gully recently got a new playground.

Eaglehawk Children’s Festival will be held again this year as part pf the City’s neighbourhood events series. Friday Nov 16 in Canterbury Gardens from 3.30pm-6.30pm. Includes many free activities such as – mobile playzone, animal farm, native animal display, balloon sculpting, jumping castle, face painters and helium balloons.

Seniors festival events:
Eaglehawk Hearing Clinic, free checks, Oct 9-12
Daily Seniors lunch at the Manchester Arms hotel, Oct 7-14
Free access to Peter Krenz Leisure Centre for Seniors Card holders, Oct 7-14
California Gully Uniting Op Shop open day, Oct 11, 10am -2pm
Eaglehawk Croquet Club Come and Try Day, 10am – 3pm, Oct 15
Eaglehawk Table Tennis & Bendigo Stadium host World Seniors Table Tennis Tournament 13- 20 Oct



Council’s War on Waste
On Thursday 8 August we interviewed councillor Andrea Metcalf and Erin Wayman and Bridgette McDougall from the council’s Resource Recovery and Education Unit to get an inside view on the ongoing war on waste in Eaglehawk.

“The landfill at Eaglehawk has only about 4 or 5 years left, “ said Andrea.
Andrea and other councillors are concerned with recyclables. The problem with Central Victoria is we currently have to send our recyclables over to China, However, ours is currently not being accepted into China as it is contaminated because of shattered glass. Andrea would like to see a resource recovery centre in Bendigo with a major focus on stopping things that can be re-used ending up in landfill.

Andrea explained how 10% of people in Eaglehawk don’t need the green waste program because the use alternative ways of disposing their waste for example feeding it to the chooks or putting it in the garden.

We also met Erin and Bridgette and we talked about how to improve the way we think about waste before we throw it away.

Erin and Bridgette explained how they want to put a program in schools to have red bins for rubbish, yellow for recyclables and green for organic waste.

The aim is to have it across all schools so that kids can understand the different types of waste and how to deal with it at an early age and then continue it on throughout their education to become responsible citizens.

We also had James Williams join us and he said that waste management would be a good topic to bring up with the Junior Council that’s about to be formed.

If you have any inquiries you can contact:
Andrea Metcalf, Bridgette McDougall, Erin Wayman & James Williams on 5434 6000 or check the CoGB website.


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