On Thursday 31st May we held an Indigenous Cultural Day with help from our new friends Bec, Mitch, Mick and Aunty Marilyn. Students and staff participated in many activities including: dance, storytelling, art, weaving and exploring amazing artefacts which taught us about the lives of the Dja Dja Wurrung / Jaara people. At the end of the day students participated in a whole school dance wearing their headbands that had been made earlier in the day. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about a culture that goes back more than 60,000 years. Everyone’s favourite part was participating in a smoking ceremony at the start of the day that blessed and cleansed us. We are excited to have shared in this opportunity and continue to stand with Aboriginal people on their walk for truth, justice and reconciliation.

We participated in a range of fantastic activities. They were: weaving, art, artefacts, dancing and storytelling. I loved the smoking ceremony at that start. It was a great experience for the whole school. I would like to thank the Dja Dja Wurrung people (Bec, Mitch, Mick and Aunty Marilyn). (Maeci Ferrie)

It was great that the FIRE Carriers got to be a group leader. The smoking ceremony was definitely my favourite part. We had to walk through the wash ourselves with the smoke. We read the story of Bunjil and I loved all the other things that we did. I want to do it again! (Allira Hope)

My favourite activities were the dancing, the weaving and the artefacts. We learned how indigenous people made clothes and weapons. We also had a smoking ceremony. It was a fantastic day! (Ivy McCann)

My favourite part was definitely the artefacts and the smoking ceremony. Mick brought some artefacts and we got to feel possum skin – it was really soft. At the smoking ceremony, the whole school went through the smoke to bring joy to them, it was good fun. Bec sang and played the clap sticks, it sounded amazing. (Zara Daykin)

Mitch and Bec taught us all how to be eagles, snakes, emus and kangaroos. Then at the end of the day the whole school did a dance together. (Jessica Smith)

I really liked how they were so happy to share their culture with us. We did weaving with Aunty Marilyn. (Indy Dyson)


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