ESC has recently farewelled many of its school council members and welcomed new members. A huge thanks go to the outgoing members for their hard work and dedication to making ESC the wonderful school it is.

Councils play a crucial role in the running of a school. Our council plays an important role in the governance of our College and supporting the overall strategic direction of the school.

Our recent school review involved our school council president and vice president and council will continue to support the development of the new School Strategic Plan in term 3.

We spoke to president Lee Bramly & newly elected co-opted member Michael Watson.

When, how and why did you become involved in school council?
I was approached last year by Danielle Derkson to be a Co-Opted member of the council. As I was volunteering at the college at the time I thought it was a great opportunity to further my connection with the school community.
I started on School Council in 2015 when Megan started high school. I self-nominated and was the only parent that nominated for the one position that was available. It is my way of being involved with my daughter’s school as there aren’t many opportunities to help out at secondary level like there is at the primary level.

What inspired you to become involved?
– I am very interested in the operations of the school and its progression, I hope I could have a voice and help the students and development of the college.

If you do have children, do they attend this school?
No I don’t – and not for a fair few years! However I attended the college during 2010-2014.
Megan is in Year 10; Samantha attended ESC and is in Year 12 at Bendigo Senior

What do you want to achieve through your time at school council?
I hope to be able to support upcoming developments to the school and improve it wherever possible! My favourite contribution has been supporting the GP in Schools program – which has been really successful!
– To understand how the school operates and how things can be changed/improved upon.

How does the school council make the decisions?
We have to discuss, investigate and finally vote on all the motions that arise, a member has to move the proposal and another has to second it. These are all documented on the minutes of the meeting by Cheryl Wiegard.
The council has to be made of an equal amount of staff and community members to ensure equital decisions.

What do you do as a job?
I work part time as Eaglehawk IGA, and also work as an Education Support Worker at the college (plus co-run the 3556 Magazine).
I’m a nurse working in aged care

What kind of things do you talk about at Council meetings?
– We run through general business items, the finance report, upcoming excursions, OH&S report, and then other various topics (?)

Is being a school council member challenging?
Initially it was as I had never been on a council before so it’s protocols were very new!

Is being a council member rewarding?
Yes it is immensely rewarding as I feel as though I am having a real influence on the functions of the school.
Being on school council is challenging (especially being president) but it is rewarding to be a part of how the school operates and the impact that it has on the students.

Any upcoming events / changes to the school?
The school is being reviewed at the moment and it will be endorsed soon – exciting!

On the council this year is:

Staff – Danielle Derksen, Ian Berry, Rae Boykett, Wendy O’Flynn, Casey Fry

Community Members – Chris Marsh, Lee Bramley, Paul Epworth, Riitta Hellstedt

Co-Opted Members – Michael Watson, Grace Murley, Hannah Ilsley


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