We went to the Eaglehawk Community House (ECH) recently and met with Tracey to find out what’s on offer and take a look around.

Tracey, ECH’s Coordinator, manages day to day affairs of the not for profit organisation and makes sure everyone is doing the right thing and the programs are running smoothly. She is also trying to make the centre ‘bigger, better and brighter’.

Before being a community house, the building and grounds were used for a day-care centre. (We remember many fun times at Playhouse!) ECH was located further down the road.

ECH’s Committee of Management is made up of mostly volunteers or retired business people.

Tracey says, “working with these people you learn a lot of wonderful and useful skills.”

Thoughout the week ECH hosts events including art classes, photography workshops, playgroups, sewing classes and computer classes. It is also an access point for informal referral to professional services.

On Tuesdays, ECH hosts lunches and dinners. Sometimes these also include guest speakers, or attendees play bingo and other fun games. There are plans to have more barbeques in the future.

You may not know but ECH runs the Eaglehawk Children’s Festival and it is one of their favourite times of the year.

One of the best things about ECH is the volunteers. The volunteers help with getting the house up and running every day, and many have become firm friends. All involved at ECH agree that Eaglehawk is a good and kind community.

ECH is all about LIFE – Learning, Information, Friendship, Empowerment.

There are big things happening in the future.

“It will be blossoming in the next few years.” Tracey said.

One big focus is improving the grounds and also they are trying to improve their image and definitely stepping up ECH’s colour.

ECH is happy to welcome newcomers and if you would like to be a member it costs just $2.00. Visit them between 9-3 Mon to Thurs at Cnr of Bright & Reserve St, visit the website or call 5446 8322.


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