Inspired by the trip to the Eaglehawk Eco Centre Felixx and Ella show us two ways to reuse common household items:

Plastic Charging Phone Holder

You will need:
– Baby shampoo bottle or similar shaped bottle
-Scissors or an X-ACTO knife
-Scrap/left over fabric
-Hot glue gun and glue


Step 1: Empty and rinse a baby shampoo bottle. Or, you can use any bottle with a wide body. Clean it out very well and make sure that the bottle is dry before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Create the holder by cutting off the top of the bottle then cutting half-way down the front and sides – making a ‘U’ shape.

Step 3: Size and cut the fabric. Measure the bottle to determine how much fabric you will need.

Step 4: Apply the fabric to the bottle or holder. Wrap the holder with the fabric using hot glue. You may need to trim away fabric pieces as you go but wrap the back first, then bring the fabric around to the front and join it underneath the bottle.

Step 5: Allow the holder to dry completely before use. Now, you have a complete phone holder.

Purr-fect Planters

Grab a bottle and create a cuddly kitten for your garden!

You will need:
-Plastic bottles
-Bright (white) spray paint
-Permanent markers or paint pens
-Scissors or an X-ACTO knife
-Potting soil
-(optional) Ribbons and decorations


1.Rinse out the bottle and remove the label. If some of the label stays stuck, attempt to scrub it off or leave it at the back of the project.

2.Draw the outline on the bottle; mark a line for the height of your cat then add two triangles on top for ears. Use your scissors and/or knife to cut out the shape.

3.Paint the bottle with the paint. White is the preferred colour, but pastels should work too.

4. Cover the outside with at least two layers, a second after the first dries.

5. Once the paint has dried, grab a black and/or pink marker. Draw out the eyes and whiskers with black then the nose and inner-ears in an optional pink.

6. Some bottles have lines around them in several places. If you wish, use the optional decorations to cover them.

7. To drain the plant, drill small holes in the underside of the cat and leave it among dirt to soak up the excess water.

8. Now place the plant in your DIY pot and you’ve successfully made a kitty cat plant-holder.


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