ESC students Lenny-Jay and Jaison visited Glen at Bendigo Mobility Services to find out about the services that are on offer and have a chat about the business.

Owner operator, Glen has a history of working with machines and loves solving mechanical problems.

”I’m a tinkerer and I like problem solving. Something will come in and I’ve got no idea what could be causing the issue. Problem solving and coming up with a result at an affordable price is what it’s all about. And my time is my own. So it doesn’t matter whether I take ten minutes or an hour with a bit of a chat, I still enjoy that process”

“I’m in the personal transport business. It might look like I’m repairing something, but what I’m actually doing is keeping people mobile – I’m in the business of keeping people mobile”.

The building that houses the business was originally a stable and it goes back well over one hundred years.  “I like to think that we’ve been in the personal transport business for well over 100 odd years. Back then, people would come here, they’d leave their horses and go shopping and come back and off they’d go”.

The business has been operating since 2013,  and Glen has enjoyed every
minute of it. The main thing that he fixes are batteries and tyres, electric motors and electrical issues.  In addition to mobility scooters, Glen fixes golf buggies, electric recliners and electric wheelchairs. When something goes wrong, you can bring it in – it’s a one stop shop. If you need something fixed or looked at, you should contact Glen.  He can then make a decision about whether he can fix it onsite, or if it needs to come to the workshop.

Glen loves chatting to his clients who are mainly disabled or in aged care. “I find that when people come in, it’s a really good opportunity to find out about their history, what they do and where they’ve been. And we have a lot of ex-servicemen come in and they’ve really got some exciting stories which I am fortunate enough to have them share.”  

“I enjoy every minute of it”

“A lot of the elderly people in Eaglehawk have got a lot of history and local knowledge. So they’re more than happy to share that with me. And that really makes the job exciting, just adding to my knowledge of Eaglehawk”.

You can find Glen at Bendigo Mobility Services, tucked in behind IGA and the chemist, down the laneway, at 3/89 Victoria Street, Eaglehawk.


3/89 Victoria Street, Eaglehawk p: (03) 5446 2012  e:


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