Milli and Josie went down to PepperGreen Farm Catering and chatted to Angela Cope…

What do you actually do at PepperGreen Farm Catering?
We do catering lunches for schools, funerals, then on a Monday, we do a special order and we cook for the disabled, elderly or just people who are busy. We do many big meals during the week. 

What are some of your most purchased meals?
Corn silverside, curry sausages; we do a bulk pack, lasagne and of course, our sweet packs.





How many people are involved with PepperGreen Farm Catering?
We have people who need help to get things done like their reading, their maths or they might have an injury of some sort, so there’s 16 of them and we have 3 chefs, 2 drivers, so about 23 to 24.

What types of functions do you do?
We do up to 200 to 250 different functions a year. There’s a lot of training!

Photo of a delicious cookie tray!

How did you start?
I have been a chef for about 20 years, I have worked in pubs and things like that, Then this job came up and I thought it was wonderful, I have been doing it for 9 years.

What is the average number of people you serve per day?
100 maybe more a day, Around Christmas we do a lot more, probably 300 or more a day, Around Christmas it gets busy.

Can you walk in and order?
Yes, you can, with catering you have to give us 24hrs notice so we can get your sweets or your food ready and done but meals you can walk in and order from the frozen packs, It’s not technically a walk in and order place but we allow it!

Do you have to be trained to work here?
Yes you do we are a training organisation, All the people who come in are all trained in certain sections, We’ve got people who just make sandwiches, the people who do meals. You are trained,

What skills are needed?
None, you don’t really need to have skills but you do have to do a food handling course that we provide.

Where does the money raised go to?
New buildings, to the farm and to build this as a bigger place.

A beautiful arrangement of tasty treats made at the PepperGreen Farm Catering building. 

Do you have a special menu?
Yeah we have a diet menu for various needs.

Do you need special equipment?
Yes we do need special equipment like industrial mixes, a big industrial dishwasher, industrial ovens that can have 6 or 7 trays in at a time and these ovens we’ve got aren’t the ones you’ve got at home because they cook twice as quickly.

Are you planning to make the business bigger?
We are always looking for new customers and thinking of bigger ideas.
Milli and Josie were able to indulge in a cake for their efforts at the interview.
Thanks PepperGreen Farm Catering!


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