Student Voice is ‘Loud and clear’ at Bendigo Violet St P.S.

At Bendigo Violet St P.S. students voices are heard, in either the form of fundraising, running school events and helping make decisions, to recently using their persuasive writing skills and persistence to successfully gain State Government funding for a $110,000 upgrade to their soccer oval. The members of the SLC committee are committed to helping their school. They take responsibility for running school fundraisers and events for good causes, such as their recent ‘Farmer’s Day’ to support farmers suffering through the devastating drought, but of course this isn’t something unusual for the Violet St students, they are quite used to helping others. Students at Violet St care for the community and their school. They meet on a regular basis for the betterment of the school and all those in it. Violet St’s SLC (which is run by students), listens to suggestions and are there for the kids to put forth their ideas and opinions on matters they feel strongly about.

By Mhairi and Jessica


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