Ex-ESC student Michael Watson – who works at Eaglehawk IGA and now at Eaglehawk Secondary College as an education aid, and assitant editor for the 3556 magazine – decided to share his success in his art and life with a beautiful art exhibition which was about self-improvement and inspiring people to change their lives for the better.

The art in the exhibition tells the story of Michael’s journey to self-improvement.
The other half shows Michael’s art improvement over the past year. There was over 70 pieces of art there. Michael does drawing and oil painting of people, still lifes and landscapes.

The opening night of the exhibition was on the 17th of August and a whopping 80 people came! The exhibition went for 2 weeks, and finished on the 30th of August. 

Michael is being taught by Australian professional artist Ben Winspear, and is studying classical realism – from the 1700s! He attends these art classes once a month at the Woodvale Community Hall.

At ESC Michael has been tutoring four art students; Makayla Gledhill, Kylie Riding, Peira Jackson and Maddy Lynch during two lunch times a week. He is passing on the knowledge that he is learning himself and is loving being able to teach and help their own artistic journeys.


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