When a parent recognises a teenager needs help, they’re more likely to get it. That’s why ReachOut Australia – the country’s leading online mental health organisation for young people – has introduced a free service to help parents help teenagers.

Free and available 24/7, provides evidence-based practical support and tips that encourage effective communication and relationships between parents and young people aged 12–18 years, as well as easy-to-read information on a range of mental health and wellbeing issues.

The service features more than 140 fact sheets, stories, practical tips and tools, and also provides access to an online community forum so that parents can connect with each other to share experiences in an anonymous, supportive space.

Some examples of the type of information you can get from going online to

Technology and teenagers

For many teenagers, technology and the internet make up a large part of their day. It can often be hard to understand why teenagers use technology and what they are using it for. Similarly, it’s hard to know what constitutes normal technology use. Learn more about how teenagers use technology, what responsible use looks like, and when there might be problems with how your child is spending their time online.

Knowing the difference between a bad mood and depression

Teenagers can be moody from time to time. But as parents it can be difficult to know when bad moods are a sign of depression. Statistics show that 1 in 16 young people aged between 16 and 24 experience depression at any one time. Find out what to look for if you think your teenager is experiencing depression.

How to calm down an angry teenager

A step-by-step guide to anger management for your teen.

Plus much more. Jump online and get the help you and your teen need. 


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