THINK MOVE DO is all about creating a space for older adults to have more fun, meet new people and keep the brain and body active on a whole new level.

Ms Angelina Armato is passionate about making a difference in her community and is an advocate for positive and active ageing. She wants to embrace this unique time in history where adults over the age of 65 will rapidly increase to 5.8 million by 2031 (ABS 2012).

Angelina is the facilitator of a two hour program held in Eaglehawk which is designed to be a cost effective and beneficial option to meet the needs of older adults/caregivers of partners and their young grandchildren.

The program is developmental for growing brains and both a maintenance/restorative program for older adults who are willing to try something new. “Be prepared to activate your sense of humour too!” Angelina said.

“I love being creative, having fun and being somewhat quirky. I believe that THINK MOVE DO will offer participants an appealing alternative to many traditional exercise programs. Older adults learn how to engage in creative brain and body activities that can easily be incorporated into the comfort of their own homes. This will help them maintain their wellbeing and occupy their own time.

The future vision of THINK MOVE DO entails offering the program as an engaging fundraising tool for schools, clubs and support groups to help them raise extra funds so that they can continue doing great work and make a genuine difference in the community.

The foundation program facilitated by THINK MOVE DO is called Ageless Grace, which is a chair based movement program that will effectively exercise all five functions of the brain.

Based on the cutting edge science of Neuroplasticity, it can be described as the brain’s ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.

Angelina said with her cheeky sense of humour, “You can teach an old dog new tricks, it just depends on how willing the old dog is”.

Angelina’s passion and inspiration comes from her many years working within the aged and disability sector.

“Those who keep moving, stay socially active and continue doing the things that give them a purpose to get out of bed will generally do better on all levels.”

Would you like to know more? Call Angelina on 0400 826 776 or follow her on Facebook: ‘THINK MOVE DO’.

Angelina would like to express her gratitude to all her key supporters, including Empowering Eaglehawk.


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